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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  September 1, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> [ inaudible ]. >> no. >> can i take? >> we did not blank access he had. we know that he had been in touch with a news organization in new york. we did not know if he had access to the internet, to tv, and so obviously, any negotiations, anything that was ongoing, we did not want him to be aware of. that's for everybody's safety. absolutely for everybody's safe. >> it is still an active and dynamic investigation. so we want to be cautious and prudent in the comments we make. we are working close when i law enforcement. we'll take direction from them. i'm here now. i think it is important we get facts. our priority will be nurturing and responding to employee needs over the coming days.
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i'm proud of the discovery family. what make this a great company is the culture of the place. a very loyal, comprehensive, cooperative, fun place to work with a lot of -- >> we lost our picture. that was montgomery county police chief thomas manger you were listening to for most of that news conference. he is wrapping up what was a very interesting day in the washington area. which earlier this afternoon, 1:00 or so, a man walked into the discovery headquarters in silver spring, maryland. he had a gun. he also apparently had some explosive devices and he told everybody to be still. took some hostages and several hours later, about three and a half hours later, he was shot and killed by the montgomery
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county police. >> now it's all over inside the discovery channel building. but the situation and the traffic jams continue in that neighborhood as police investigate to make sure the building is completely safe. that there is no further danger of any kind of explosion. >> we said good evening to you. >> i'm doreen againstler. we continue our breaking news coverage. we'll go back to the news conference in silver spring with the montgomery county police. we lost our live picture from silver spring again but they are describing the situation that happen inside the discovery channel building. three people were taken hostage. it started about 1:00 this afternoon and it was wrapped up by police right before 5:00 this afternoon. we have the picture back.
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>> what happened? >> reporter: all we know at this time, there was some sort of an event. we cannot conclude exactly what that event was and exactly why the device went off or if it even went off. we're trying to determine what went on there. >> at this time i was not in view of it so i can't comment on that. >> can you tell us how many shooters there were and was it just one shot? >> i'm sorry. what was the question? >> how many shooters were there? snipers were there? >> i don't know yet. that is still under investigation. >> the suspect in this case was arrested as a result of a protest, i guess, at discovery in february of 2008. as a result of that arrest, he was charged with disorderly conduct. he was convicted and serve ad
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ten-day sentence for disorderly conduct for the protest he did here. he was taking homeless individuals and paying them sum of money to protest with him at the site of this building. as a condition of this probation in 2008, he was ordered to stay at least 500 feet away from the discovery building. his probation ended two weeks ago. >> david, do you expect to be back open for business tomorrow morning? >> we'll be communicating with employees later tonight. it is an active crime scene. >> [ inaudible ]. >> at this time we need to get back to the command post. we thank you very much. that concludes the briefing for this evening. the pios for fire and rescue. we'll be back in touch.
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thank you. >> a news conference wrapped up very near the discovery building today where a hostage was killed after, the suspect was killed, after holding hostages for several hours there today. that suspect killed. when he apparently looked like he might be a threat to those hostages. >> we have a whole team of reporters covering the events as they have unfolded throughout the afternoon and this evening. we will begin with pat collins. pat? >> reporter: since 1:00 p.m. this afternoon, he held three people hostage at the discovery building. a security guard and two employees. >> and now that suspect, james jay lee, afraid years old, is dead. shot by police after he made a threatening move.
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hear now from police chief tom manger. >> reporter: as we were negotiating with him, our tactical officers were able to get into position where they were very close to him. they were close enough to hear what he was saying and what he was doing on a camera. at one point, the suspect reported that he pulled out the handgun that he came in with. and he pointed it at one of the hostages. it is unconfirmed whether he fired the weapon or not but at that point, our tactical units moved in. they shot the suspect and the
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suspect is deceased. >> reporter: the police this place surrounded. they say it happened around 1:00 this afternoon. a man with canisters of explosives attached to his body in some bags and boxes, a gun in his hand, waving it around, goes into the lobbyist discovery building. tell people to stay still. an alert goes out. all the employees told to lock down, lock their offices. eventually police sweep the place. the employees are let go. told to go to a safe place. then the negotiation began. it goes on and on for hours. again, those negotiations broke douchbl + say they had to shoot the suspect when he made a threatening move toward the hostages. let's hear now from some of the people who were here when the incident began. >> it has like for my knowledge,
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a couple of entrances. one that takes you to the upper part and one to the administrative office and the restroom. >> i noticed over the p.a. system, they said there was a situation in the lobby. so we were trying get the offices and look out the window at the same time. seeing police around the building. >> we were told to lock ourselves in the offices. that they had an issue going on in the lobby. they told us there was a gunman in the lobby and for us to close off the offices. then they will to us evacuate through a nearby stairwell and all of us calm down. >> what do you make of this? >> i was just scared. >> reporter: so tonight the suspect is dead. the three hostages are safe. but it is not over here yet. because inside that building, they say, there are two more
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boxes. two more backpacks that they believe could have explosive devices in them. and so now authorities are carefully examining them to try to defuse them to make the discovery building here safe once again. >> pat, i know chief manger has said all three of the hostage are okay. are you hearing anything more about how they are, how they're doing, whether we'll hear from them? >> reporter: i don't know if we'll hear from them now. i think they'll be interviewed by investigators and then i think they're going to be escorted home. maybe tomorrow but we'll try. >> aaron gilchrist has spent most of the day on coleville road and east-west highway. how about now? >> reporter: things are a bit more normal in this area. a lot of roads closed off. we got here outside the discovery building a half block away from there.
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just before 1:30 this afternoon. we were able to watch as the convergence happened in this area. i haven't seen a police presence like this since i covered the sniper attack near richmond back in 2002. let's take a look at the video we were able to cap you are this afternoon as we were over on georgia avenue. just behind the discovery building, if you will. and we watched as there was a police presence that came in. montgomery county police, state police, federal protective police officers them sort of staged under this bridge area near a parking garage. we were age to watch as officers donned their bullet-proof vests, began to take up positions around the building and around the adjacent buildings for the discovery building. we talked to some of the people coming away from that building. we talked to a gentleman who works inside the discovery building. >> we were coming back from lunch about 1:00. as we got near the discovery
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building, someone started shouting. a street vendor started shouting, there was a man in there with a gun and we shouldn't go in there. and we started seeing everybody back away. we crossed the street to get away. i heard two pops, pop, pop. we were told they evacuated the discovery building and that shatter, the guy the gun is still in there. that's all we heard. >> reporter: now police later told us there were no shots fired at that point in the day. i'm not sure what those popping sounds were that gentleman heard. since then, this has been an area closed off. a huge perimeter around the discovery building. it has been a bit confusing and inconvenient to some people who have been riding the metro themselves get off in this area. they did know what was going on or what they needed to do. >> we had the point from our
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building, we could see the roads were closed. i knew my usual commuter bus that come up north of colesville wouldn't get through and didn't have any guidance. i was about to head up the door and walk about three and a half miles up the beltway. i figured could i catch a break with himmism got an e-mail staying buses were being diverted. it would have been nice to get earlier notification but other than that, you have to roll with it. >> the best we can tell, the buses are being diverted. colesville road is still blocked off. we're seeing buses and people are getting off trying to figure out where they need to go to next. metro seal to be doing okay. a lot of confusion as people try to get through. >> as we understand it, as you
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said, metro is still running in that area. the silver spring area is still open. earlier, the wayne avenue part of it. you couldn't get off there. you had to get off at another part. can you clear that up in terms of whether or not it is completely open now or just part of it open or what's going on at that metro stop? >> i believe that the exit near wayne avenue area is still closed off. we can get more information about that a little bit later i think this evening. at this point, people were still allowed to get on and off the train. they weren't able to leave through that particular exit point. so people had to get their bearing a little bit as they got off. came down the steps and that where do i go now if i'm not going in the direct that i normally go into? it seems they were able to do that with relative ease. a little confusion. there were metro staffers to help them figure it out. >> dorothy spencer is also covering this for us. she has a different perspective.
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she is live in georgia avenue. what's going to there? >> having covered the situations in the past, there is a great deal of intensity that's involved when there is a stand-off situation. people are in harm's way when there is a hostage situation. a gunman with explosives and i can tell that you people can breathe a sigh of relief. that there is a loosening, a winding down. the streets are still closed but we can sense there is a more realexa atmosphere involving the police here. doing their jobs. they're out walking around a little more, getting out of vehicles. congregating. figuring out their plan of acfor this afternoon. i suspect that we're starting to see some of the vehicles pull out of the crime scene area. they got a lot of assistance from some of the other departments in the region. homeland security, we saw here. maryland state police. some of those are starting to, i believe, get some orders to go ahead and start pulling out. a relaxing of the scene.
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it is hoped that sometime soon, the roads will start to open. there may be some openings a little further down. we're starting to see more pedestrian traffic in the area. a little bit closer. about a block down. aware seeing more people walking in this area. so i can some people have been basically trapped inside their office buildings all day on a lockdown situation. we've encountered a number of them. after they left their buildings, they were told to stay inside for their own safety. you have someone armed with a gun. a dangerous situation them wanted to make sure everyone stays safe. a little while ago, we were able to speak to a woman who actually knows the suspect. she is acquainted with him. she said she has encountered him a number of time at the borders book store. we would see him reading. she described him as someone who was very passionate about the issues. he would rail against discovery channel, railing against children to a certain degree,
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and she said at one poirngt he had paid her $100 to read a particular book. she said being a college student, she took the money and read the book. she said it was interesting but she never really understood this person. let's hear about what she had to say. she witnessed his protest a couple years bag landed him in jail. >> there are a lot of people -- they just blow it off. >> reporter: what was about it mr. lee's clothes that you were telling me earlier? >> they were military. military style. like he was in battle. >> reporter: when is the last tame you saw mr. lee? >> 2008 when ted protest. he threw the money in the air. that was the last tame. >> reporter: you saw the money playing the? >> oh, yes. he threw it up in the air. >> reporter: what did he do? he took a huge stack of money -- >> he just threw it in the air. no lie. that's what i may not. his behavior was a little odd.
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>> reporter: the people who did know him, people who were awaned with him, a number people saw hill doing protests, he paid people to read particular books. and i asked that woman, what did you think about the fact police had shot this suspect who took people hostage today? she told me, she really had mixed feelings. she began to get a little emotional when i willer what had happened. she said she really felt this person needed help. but obviously, this was a person who was dangerous. he was armed with a weapon. he had hostages. and explosive devices on his person. so police took the acthey thought they needed to take. this one individual was a little bit saddened by the fact he was shot and kill today in this incident. she thought he needed help. he was an individual who needed help. looking here behind me, you see that georgia avenue remains blocked off. there are a lot of street closures. things are starting to wind down. we don't see as many pedestrians walking around, confused about
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where to go. it appears people are starting to figure out how to get through the metro stations and stops. hopefully these roads will begin to reopen sometime soon. >> we aren't getting any indications yet, on when the roads might be reopened, are we? >> we haven't been told that yet. maryland state police are still here. there is no indication they are wrapping up. we did see the police tape. we're two blocks away. we saw the police tape begin to be taken away. it has that feeling things are beginning to wind down. the road closures are still in place. maybe even in the next hour or so we might see some of the roads again to reopen. unfortunately, it won't be time enough for people trying to get home during rush hour. >> okay. dorothy spencer reporting live near discovery channel headquarters in silver spring. thank you. >> a special coverage of the hostage situation at the discovery building will continue
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throughout our broadcast here at 6:00. >> appears to have some sort of explosive device on his person. >> a gunman in the lobby. for to us look ourselves off. >> the suspect was shot by police officers. the device appeared to go off. all the hostages are safe.
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a four-hour hostage ordeal ends. all three hostages out safely.
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>> the gunman was shot after police say he seemed to represent a threat to the hostages. chris gordon is at the police headquarters in silver spring, maryland work more on the moments leading up to when police made that decision to take him down. >> we're also learning more about the hostages. apparently two were from tlc, the learning channel. one was a security guard. investigators are talking to them, debriefing, finding out about the moments leading up to the shooting. documenting to make sure that they have a record of everything that led up to the the action was taken to end the stand-off. just before that, we were on the street south of the discovery building. the s.w.a.t. team was present on the roof. there were s.w.a.t. team members present in the discovery building. members of the bomb squad, fire
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investigators on the scene. they had a mechanical robot ready to go in. they were ready and then there was a radio call. everyone, hold your position. stand down. hold your position. it was at that point that we think the suspect was shot. who was the suspect and what were his demands? james lee, james jay lee had a website with a recent posting. and it reads, the discovery channel must broadcast to the world their commitment to the planet to do the following. what he talk about is, there were prime time programs to ask for innovative suggestions to save the planet, to end over population and pollution. and he ends what is a rambling diatribe signed, this is the demands, these are the demands of this is the saying of lee.
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he was shot this afternoon. that's the latest from the montgomery county police silver spring district. >> chris gordon. thank you. >> as we've been saying, the metro stop is steps away from the discovery building. so this whole ordeal has had an impact on commuters. jackie bensen has more. >> hello. some very good news. about five minutes ago, we'll show you what it looked like. they reopened the wayne avenue side of the metro station. so that people can exit from that side and even more importantly, so people getting off the train and making connector buses here can get to the bus lot up there. metro has stopped sending people to the side streets to make their connection and things are pretty much back to normal here at the silver spring metro station. very important to know, the station itself never closed at all during this this afternoon.
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that could have been a very bad situation. montgomery county police have been directing traffic at intersections throughout this area. i can tell you again, about five minutes ago, tofsers released the intersection of colesville road and east-west highway. traffic there is now being handled by the traffic signal. what we're seeing is the dismantling. right where the discovery building is, that will go on for a while. east-west highway, colesville road, things are moving there. >> jackie bensen reporting there. >> we'll have more on this rather remarkable day right after this.
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it was anything but usual in downtown silver spring. the daily lives of thousands of people were abruptly changed when a guy with a gun and explosives took hostages at the discovery channel headquarters. >> this whole ordeal started about 1:00 this afternoon and didn't end for nearly four hours. the traffic issues still continue. >> residents, workers and commuters are no doubt breathing a huge sigh of relief this evening after this extended
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tension-filled hostage drama was brought to a close. here's a quick run-down. about 1:00, 43-year-old james jay lee entered the discovery headquarters building in downtown silver spring. he was armed with a gun and explosives and took three hostages, a security guard and three other men. witnesses say he fired his gun at the time. by 1:15, they were able to make could not tack with lee by phone and they began negotiations. meanwhile, employees were told to stay. >> there offices, stay away from the doors and windows. many streets in downtown silver spring were shut down as police surrounded the building and set up a huge security perimeter around the building. people working in nearby office buildings were asked to stay inside. police began evacuating the discovery building's 1,900 employees and a daycare center was evacuated. as they began their negotiations, tack cal officers
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were able to get close to the suspect and the use of security cameras were used to monitor lee's location. as you heard, before 5:00, officers observed james jay lee pointing a gun at one of the officers. then an officer fired the shot that killed him. that appeared to detonate an explosive device. the hostages were unarmed. the bomb squads are still at this hour working the dismantle four devices believed to be explosives, you this ending a tense and terrifying ordeal in the heart of downtown silver spring. jim? doreen? >> thank you very much. pat collins has been on top of the story all afternoon. he is at the intersection at colesville road and wayne avenue. >> reporter: sources say it was a snipe smoert brought the suspect down. throughout the afternoon, the suspect had repeatedly threatened to kill those three
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hostages and then kill himself. and when he made the threatening move, that's when police took action. hear now from police chief tom manger. >> reporter: as we were negotiating with him, our tactical officers were able to get into position, where they were very close to him. they were watching him via camera. and they were close enough to hear what he was saying and see what he was doing on a camera. at one point, the suspect, it is record that he pulled out the handgun that he came in with. and pointed it at one of the hostages. it is unconfirmed whether he actually fired the weapon or not. but at that point, our tactical
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units moved in. they shot the suspect. the suspect is deceased. >> reporter: now discovery channel officials say they have a plan. they were prepared for a crisis like this. >> post 9/11, we did spend a lot of time looking at continuity plans and emergency evacuation plans. so we did have those in place. we do have annual drills to go over the procedures. we have a floor captain. they were notified right away. all of the employees were secured with the cooperation of law enforcement. we evacuate all the employees, including our onsite daycare center. and again, i think that planning really paid off today. >> reporter: so tonight, the suspect is dead. the three hostages are safe. but the investigation continues
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on. because in that building over there, there are two more backpacks, two more boxes which police believe may contain explosives. they're checking them out to make sure everything is safe before they reopen the discovery building. jim, back to you. >> a long day but not all was over yet. >> we keep talking about the traffic issues out there. let's get the big picture. ashley joins us with a look at traffic conditions. what is the story? >> reporter: well, unfortunately, we still have many of these closures in effect. if you're traveling around georgia, it remains shut down. heading toward cameron street, and coleville remains shut down between 16th and spring. tiny branch, and the capital
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beltway was affected as well. now it appears police have a pretty firm handle on the silver spring area. a lot of drivers getting by. if you do head this way, prepare yourself for closure points and to be rerouted through the side streets. 16th is no longer shut down so you can make it in toward silver spring. if you're traveling along, continue in toward the city. so thing are winding down but most of our main closures are still affecting drivers at this late hour. back to you. >> thank you. now there is a big old hurricane. >> a big old hurricane. about time we check in with doug kammerer to find out what's going to with hurricane earl and the storms behind it. >> now there are three others. fiona, now gaston. fiona i'm not worried about but gaston we could be talking
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about. so a lot to talk about in the weather department. let's show you how thing have been out there all day today. one thing you know, it has been hot. anybody out there today can say it is a hot day as well. plenty of sunshine. bright blue skies. the temperatures way up. close to a record. around 97 degrees. that was the high temperature. today we are going to be scene temperatures around the record high. 99. set back in 1980. so again, a very, very hot day during the day today. the heat index, 96 degrees. dew point around 61. the humidity, not a problem. 82 degrees by 9:00. a nice morning. 73 by 5:00. 75 by 7:00 a.m. as we look and see what's happening across the region. not a cloud in the sky. those are the clouds from hurricane earl beginning to now make their way toward our region. as we look toward the tropical satellite picture, you can see earl still a major hurricane. now back to category 4 status. a very well-defined hurricane.
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it will continue to make its way toward the southeastern portions of our country. the winds of 135 miles an hour right now but expected to pass off the carolina coast as a category 3 and then make its way toward our area. this would be friday morning that we are going to see the chance for that storm. you can move to the north and east away from the east by saturday. so around our region, what do we have? some newly issued watches and warnings. a hurricane watch. that includes lewis, rehoe both beach. that same area is under a tropical storm warning. tropical storm force winds are more likely in this area. that's why we have tropical storm warnings in effect along the maryland beaches and delaware and virginia beaches as well. even toward virginia beach. the potential of seeing those winds over 40 miles an hour during the day on friday.
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something else we're looking at, a coastal flood watch for the tidal potomac as well as the chesapeake bay because of that high tide on thursday morning work into thursday night. watch out if you're in an area that is prone to flooding because of high tidal issues. you could see one to three feet. now hurricane earl, the likely scenario here. this is good news. west along the delmarva. the rest of the region including most of virginia, almost all of maryland on the dry side. that includes the district. right now it looks like it will get out of this a-okay as the storm moves off well to the east. a nice evening tonight. 80 to 90 degrees but the temperature will be falling as a result of the low human. a nice start. 64 to 73 degrees. snit sunrise tomorrow at 6:38. tomorrow, sunny. continued hot and a bit more humid. 91 to 94 degrees. as we move on through the next five days, or next four days, 87 degrees on friday. watching earl but then breezy
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behind it. windier across much of the area on saturday than it will be on 48. a high of 80 degrees. then sunday looking beautiful at 81. as we move through the extended, which includes labor day. temperature in the low 80s on monday as well. so we're going to get rid of this little thing called hurricane earl. saturday, sunday and monday are looking very, very nice for the labor day holiday. again, if you have plans to go down on friday, you may just want to hold off. go down on saturday, hold yourself some trouble. >> thousand how about if you're headed south? >> it is out of there. i would call ahead. if you have any hotel interests, call ahead to see how they're doing. they'll get the brunn on thursday. >> okay. to talk news, we have some interesting information about the suspect who was killed today at the discovery channel. and a phone call he made. >> reporter: this phone call apparently made as nbc news was investigating the story this afternoon and made a phone call to the discovery communication headquarters building in silver
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spring. police say hostage negotiators were in contact with lee for nearly the entire ordeal. now we've learned this evening of another phone call that james jay lee made during this stand-off. he call nbc news headquarters in new york. here is an excerpt. i will read it to you verdict bait yim. lee, i have a gun and i have a bomb. i have several bombs strapped the my body ready to go off. i have a device, if i drop it, if i drop it, i'll explode. the nbc news producer. so how long have you been working on this particular bomb? >> lee. three week. around three weeks or a month. the nbc news producer. three weeks? lee, did i a lot of research. i had to experiment. nbc news producer. and how many bombs again do you have? lee, i have several. nbc news producer. do you have a gun? lee responds, i have a gun and i have a bomb. i have several bombs strapped to my body ready to go off.
6:41 pm
now again, that is verbatim of a recorded phone conversation made to nbc news in new york this afternoon. nbc news has released this statement about the incident as nbc news investigated early reports that says of an incident at discovery communications building, nbc news producers calling the company's general number. we're connected to a man identifying himself as james jay lee. an nbc news producer continued a conversation with the man while other nbc news staff informed authorities. the call continued for approximately ten minutes until the man apparently terminated the call. nbc news immediately informed montgomery county authorities of the details of that conversation but withheld public release of these details while the incident was ongoing. >> all right. pat lawson muse reporting with new information that we had not previously heard about the gunman who has now been killed
6:42 pm
by police, talking to an nbc news producer from inside that hostage situation.
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we continue to cover the hostage situation in silver spring. it ended up with the suspect being shot and the three hostage okay. now we get the latest from darcy's perspective. >> reporter: it feels like a assess of normalcy is returning to this area. if you look now, we're looking southbound georgia avenue. you can see that pedestrians are allowed to come through this area. this area has been on lockdown for several hours. people were basically trapped inside their office building for much of the day. some of the businesses had to close down. anything but normal today. very unique day at the office for many people here. now, a sense of normalcy is returning. although georgia avenue remains closed to vehicular traffic. psych that people are starting to walk through the side streets and getting to their cars, walking through the metro station. trying to get home after what became a very unusual and a very
6:46 pm
difficult, intense day with this hostage situation that ended with police shooting and killing the hostage taker, the suspect in this case. as i mentioned, georgia avenue remains closed in this area. the maryland state police are here assisting the police with some of the traffic control, traffic direct in this area. it took a lot of law enforcement to handle the investigation, the situation, the hostage negotiations. so they did receive some help from other jurisdictions, keeping vehicleses and people out of the crime scene for much of the day today. i was able to speak to one woman who know the suspect who was shot and killed by police this afternoon. she indicated that she had met him several time at a borders book store. he would go in there and sxreed do some ranting about the discovery channel. and she said that at one point, he had paid her to read a book. and she took money, $100. and also, she had seen the protest a couple years ago that landed him in jail.
6:47 pm
when i told her he was shot and killed in this incident, she said she had mixed emotions about that. >> what do you think about the fact police shot him this afternoon? >> they really did shoot him? >> reporter: question. >> i have to think about that. >> reporter: i continued to ask her about that and the fact that he was armed with a gun and he had explosive devices. and there was a threat to the hostages. she ended by saying she thought he needed help. the fact was that he went in armed today. police took the action they felt was necessary in the situation to keep it safe for the people and they felt they needed to use deadly force in the situation. as we said, georgia avenue remains closed in this area. we were talking offcamera to some of the law enforcement officers. they were just waiting for word to find out when they will be
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able to reopen the roads. they're hoping it will happen soon. law enforcement is on the scene. they need to keep the vehicles out of area so they can continue with their investigation. darcy spencer reporting live from silver spring. back to you. >> thank you. we mention ad few minutes tag suspect james lee made a phone call, or at least had a phone conversation with the producer of that nbc news in new york. pat lawson muse in our newsroom with more on that. >> reporter: we now have an audio clip of the conversation that we told but just moments ago between james lee and nbc news producers, and again this came as nbc was investigating this incident at the discovery communications building. producers for nbc called the company's general number at the silver spring headquarters. they were connected to a man who identified himself as james lee. here is a portion of what that recorded conversation that. >> i have a gun and i have a
6:49 pm
bomb. i have several bombs strapped to my body. ready to go off. i have a device that if i drop it, if i drop it -- it will explode. >> again, a portion of the conversation that nbc news producers had this afternoon with james jay lee when they made a call to the discovery communications headquarters in silver spring and got connected to a man who identified himself as james lee. back to you. jim? doreen? >> a chilling conversation to stay least. thanks. we appreciate that very much. that suspect was taken down. it happened about 4:18 this afternoon when he appeared to raise a gun from what we're told, and pointed at one of the three suspects that he was holding hostage somewhere near the lobby of the discovery channel headquarters. it was at that time that the police chief thomas manger and whoever else was in authority at that time, gave the go-ahead and
6:50 pm
told other police units, you need to take this guy down. apparently he had become a significant threat to the hostages he was holding. we're told the man had, was going through a range of emotions. during the course of the negotiations. the negotiations were not face to face, as i understand it burk rather over the telephone. but they did have cameras in on the guy. and they could see what he was doing all the time. that they were in negotiations with him. the best part, one of the more pleasant outcomes of this is that correct none of the three hostages suffered any injuries. at least not any physical injuries. certainly it had to be emotionally and mentally challenging to say the least on them. we're will that they are now talking to police and other officers, other officials, being debriefed, if you will, at which point they will then be taken home. >> what we haven't heard about
6:51 pm
is who the hostages were. we understand one was a security guard. all three were men. one was a security guard and we hear from pat collins that the other two work for the learning channel. part of the discovery channel family. we haven't heard much, we haven't heard names or ages or anything on them. we understand that's because they'll be talk with police about what happened first. and hopefully we will hear more from them when that interview process is finished. we're going back out 35 jakie bensen who is right alongside the metro stop in silver spring. it looks like there is some traffic, some movement around you. that's a good sign. >> reporter: it does seal like it gets worse before it gets better. people are still getting on their buses there as metro tried to sort of get thing completely open. completely back to normal hear at the silver spring metro staying. i'm going to have my photographer pan over to his
6:52 pm
left a little bit and show you, these are the first vehicle coming down volsville road. i believe these are people inside the office buildings who have been allowed to believe perimeter in their cars. i'm not sure if they are folk inside the discovery building or whether they were in one of the adjacent buildings. these are the first cars we've seen come down colesville road since after 1:00 this afternoon. again, rush hour is getting into the full swing here. thing are not fully back to normal in terms of traffic. in downtown silver spring. the intersection of georgia and 29th. still closed. will be for a while. we'll see thing coming much more back to normal, to the south, the north, and to the east and west of where that hostage location was. >> thanks. joining us for much of the afternoon has been sergeant rob moroney, retired from the maryland state police department.
6:53 pm
we appreciate your spending time with us. during the course of all of the news conferences while the situation was unfolding, chief manger of the montgomery county police was very circumspect with his answers, with the report hears wanted specific answers to a lot of specific queflz didn't give up much information and later we found out why. tell us about that. >> this was an active hostage situation. inside a mead building, nonetheless, where you know it will have television where the suspect would have the opportunity to listen to what law enforcement may or may not be doing or any plans or ideas they may have. so towed really be very careful about that. that holes true in almost all hostage situations. you hold your information close to the vest until it comes to a conclusion. >> the last thing you want to do with this guy is upset him. and you never blank might be upsetting him. >> and he was going through a range of emotions, as you heard
6:54 pm
in the audio recording. he made it very clear what he had. that he was capable of doing harm or killing people. you have a situation where it is very tense, very tight. the chief mentioned they had him cordoned off to one small second quarter of the building which was to the law enforcement advantage. we now see what the resolution was. >> can you talk a little about, the whole thing came to a could be collusion pretty quickly. four hours. can you talk about what go into that police decision to use deadly force when there are hostages right there and at risk? >> the suspect pointed a gun at the hostages. that indicates they are in grave danger. that action needs to be taken. as jim mentioned, he was given, the chief gave permission to the officer on the scene to take the necessary acwhich is the use of deadly force which is an absolute last action that is taken. they got the opportunity during the situation where he had been displaying the capability of
6:55 pm
injuring or killing the hostages. they took it. it was an unfortunate outcome for the suspect. a good outcome for the hostages and law enforcement. >> in a case like, this they have to weigh-the guy has what he says are explosives strapped to him. they have to weigh that will. >> you have to believe everything he tells you by what he displays. he was displaying the bombs, he was displaying the weapons, he has the capability and you have to believe he will use it. >> okay. a whole lot more information to come as we learn more about what happened inside the discovery channel building today. we've got now the hostage stand-off at the discovery building in silver spring. it is over after a long and frightening afternoon. police say an armed man with a history of protest against the network took two employees of the learning channel and a
6:56 pm
security guard and held them hostage. he's been identified by several law enforcement sources as james jay lee. after a stand-off that lasted four hours, lee was shot and killed by police. none of the hostages, though, was injured. police say lee may have taken with him explosive devices into that building. they are still stepping area in an effort to ensure that the building is in fact safe. >> all right. we are getting some more informing. we've been telling you that nbc news in trying to investigate what was happening in that hostage situation today, made a phone call into the general number of the discovery channel building and actually talked to the suspect had a had been killed. the suspect on the phone. here is another portion of that call that was recorded by nbc news. >> so how long have you been working this particular bomb? >> three weeks around.
6:57 pm
three weeks or a month. >> three weeks? >> did i a lot of research. i had to experiment. >> how many bombs, again do you have? >> i have several. >> again, that's our phone call recorded with the gunman and the discovery channel hostage situation that was a phone call between an nbc news producer, and the hostage taker. nbc news has released a statement that we want to share as nbc news investigated early reports of an incident at the discovery communications headquarters building. nbc news producers calling the company's general number were connected to a man identifying himself as james jay lee. and nbc news producer continued a quofrgs the man while other nbc news staff informed authorities that call continued for about ten minutes until the man apparently terminated the call. nbc news immediately disclosed the details but withheld the
6:58 pm
public details while that incident was ongoing. one last look now at the weather coming our way. of importance to an awful lot of people on this holiday weekend. >> big time. i'll tell you what. a lot of people's plans may be changed a little bit but not a whole lot. depending on where you're going to be. right now, hurricane earl still a major storm with 135 miles an hour. that is a category 4 storm. you don't see too many storms like this. this is making its way toward the north carolina area. again with winds bat 135. it is expected to decrease the a category 3 by the time it makes its way toward or very close to the cape. if you're thinking about going down to cape hatteras, you may want to call ahead and make sure the hole there is still accepting visitors. then it moves through our area and then toward long island and the rest of new england. if you're thinking about going to cape cod. something else to mention, that storm will be making its way there on saturday. our four-day forecast, 93 on thursday. 87 on 48. and then it gets breezy on
6:59 pm
saturday. a high of 80 degrees. 81 on sunday. most of the holiday weekend for us is looking to be a-okay. guys? >> thanks. our coverage of the hostage situation is over. nbc news has more on this story and coverage of hurricane earl which is threatening a whole bunch of people up and down the east coast. and as you just heard, probably not going to affect our weather too dramatically but people headed to the maryland, delaware, north carolina, south carolina shorelines this weekend, it will have some effect on. >> if you have a special barbecue working in rock creek park and you have some upside down pineapple, give me a call. go nightly news coming up next. >> we hope to see you at 11:00. we'll have more on the hostage situation then.


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